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  • GEARS Program Overview

    The HX5 Team is proud to have been selected by NASA to perform engineering, research and scientific support services at NASA''s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland. The Glenn Engineering and Research Support (GEARS) contract is a combination of the expiring GESS-3 and ARTS contracts at GRC, and will provide research and scientific support for communications and intelligent systems, power, propulsion, materials and structures, and systems engineering and architecture. Work under the contract includes facilities engineering, test engineering, manufacturing engineering, project management, data management, and scheduling support. Our team also will support fundamental research on space or gravity-dependent combustion and fluid systems. The performance start period begins April 1, 2020 and the entire contract performance period runs seven years out to 2027. HX5's team includes a small, select group of world-class companies and institutions (Orbital ATK (now Northrop Grumman), SAIC and USRA), each ready to bring their own breadth and depth of proven performance and experience to the contract in support of GRC GEARS customers and their respective missions.

  • Non-Incumbents Interested in Joining the Team

    If you have the education and experience to work in the areas described above for the GEARS Program, and you are not currently supporting the ARTS or GESS-3 Contract, please check the HX5 Website under the “JOIN OUR TEAM” link beginning in January 2020 for open GEARS positions. We are always interested in hearing from highly motivated and qualified candidates interested in supporting this exciting program. Our primary focus in the coming two months is to work with qualified ARTS and GESS-3 incumbents who will be given priority consideration in filling the GEARS contract positions. Once that is accomplished, any vacant positions will be posted to our website. We very much welcome receiving applications from interested individuals at that time.

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    Keep informed with current information and updates about the GEARS transition. While this website will always have the most current and complete information about the GEARS transition, we'll be happy to also email you whenever new information is posted. Simply click the link below and enter your contact information.