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GESS-3 and ARTS Employee Registration and Information
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  • Welcome Message from PM

    Welcome Message from Mr. Christopher Pestak, HX5’s GEARS Program Manager

    Hello Everyone,

    I wanted to take a moment to welcome you to the HX5 GEARS Transition Site and to let you know how proud the HX5 Team is to have been selected by NASA GRC to perform the GEARS Contract, one of the most highly advanced engineering and research programs being performed today by NASA. We look forward to providing world-class engineering and research services to our NASA customer and to being part of the government-contractor team helping to advance our nation’s most forward-looking missions in space and aeronautics. Together we can achieve great things to benefit our nation and the world!

    Bio: Chris’ 36-year career in the fields of aerospace, environment, and energy delivery encompasses experience as an engineer, engineering manager, project manager, program manager, business developer, and corporate executive. Throughout his career, he has been a significant contributor to the success of NASA GRC and a tireless advocate for the Center. He is very familiar with GRC, its culture, its capabilities, and its potential. He is exceptionally qualified to lead the GEARS program, having served as the PM of the ARTS contract and the ARADS contract (the predecessor to the GESS-1 contract). Chris has built an excellent network with industry, academia, and government and has developed a solid reputation for integrity, professionalism, innovation, and achievement. He has a proven record of building and leading multi-disciplinary teams to solve business, organizational, and technical problems for government and industry clients and has led numerous multi-company/multi-organization partnerships that resulted in the successful performance of high-technology projects. He is highly regarded by his customers, work colleagues, and the larger aerospace community.

    Chris is a lifelong resident of Northeast Ohio and has BSEE and MSIE degrees, both from Cleveland State University.

  • GEARS Program Overview
    The HX5 Team is proud to have been selected by NASA to perform engineering, research and scientific support services at NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland. The Glenn Engineering and Research Support (GEARS) contract is a combination of the expiring GESS-3 and ARTS contracts at GRC, and will provide research and scientific support for communications and intelligent systems, power, propulsion, materials and structures, and systems engineering and architecture. Work under the contract includes facilities engineering, test engineering, manufacturing engineering, project management, data management, and scheduling support. Our team also will support fundamental research on space or gravity-dependent combustion and fluid systems. The performance start period begins April 1, 2020 and the entire contract performance period runs seven years out to 2027. HX5's team includes a small, select group of world-class companies and institutions (Orbital ATK (now Northrop Grumman), SAIC and USRA), each ready to bring their own breadth and depth of proven performance and experience to the contract in support of GRC GEARS customers and their respective missions.
  • GEARS Transition FAQ
    Q: What is an incumbent?
    A: An incumbent is a person working in a position on the ARTS or GESS-3 projects at this present time. These two contracts are transitioning into one contract under GEARS effective April 1, 2020. If you currently work on ARTS or GESS-3 projects, you are an incumbent.
    Q: I have never been through a contract transition before, what can I expect?
    A: We understand that contract transitions may be stressful if you have never been through one before. However, you can rest assured that HX5 is here to answer any questions you may have regarding the transition and to help you in any step of the process where you may need assistance. Please continue reviewing the FAQs below to obtain more information about what you can expect and if you still have questions, please feel free to reach out to the GEARS HR POC, Alissa Bentley at (850) 362‑6551 or GEARSHR@hxfive.com.
    Q: What is the GEARS Contract?
    A: The purpose of the Glenn Engineering and Research Support (GEARS) contract (a combination of the expiring GESS-3 and ARTS contracts), is to provide support to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Glenn Research Center (GRC) in the following areas: 1) provide a major emphasis supporting research and engineering efforts under GRC’s core competencies and 2) provide support to specific aspects of facilities engineering, testing engineering and manufacturing engineering. These services will assist GRC in supporting Agency assigned projects and programs, while enabling GRC to deliver research and engineering products ranging from initial concepts through complete flight systems. Ultimately, the contract will enable GRC to accomplish its mission to drive research, technology, and systems to advance aviation, enable exploration of the universe, and improve life on Earth.

    Q: How long is the GEARS Contract?

    A: The GEARS Contract total period of performance runs through March 31, 2027.
    Q: Where will the GEARS work be performed?
    A: The work under the GEARS program will be performed at the following location(s): NASA Glenn Research Center at Lewis Field; NASA Glenn Research Center at Plum Brook Station; and other locations as directed by the government to include contractor facilities.
    Q: What is the expected date for employees who will be part of the HX5 Team to start supporting the GEARS program as an HX5 (or its Team Members’) employee?
    A: The GEARS performance start date for employees is April 1, 2020.
    Q: I am an incumbent contractor employee. Do I need to do anything now?
    A: Yes, you will need to register as an incumbent through our Incumbent Registration link located on this transition site. During this process, you will be asked to submit a current resume, most recent paystub, and provide some preliminary information. It is very important to receive your registration as soon as possible as it communicates to us that 1) you are interested in continuing to work on the program when it changes over from the current programs (i.e. GESS-3 and ARTS) into the GEARS program, 2) you are given consideration in the staffing requirements on the GEARS Program, and 3) during transition to the GEARS program, the position you occupy should not be classified as a vacant position, but rather as one in which an incumbent employee is currently performing and has expressed a desire to remain working in that position under the GEARS Program.
    Q: What do you use my registration information for?
    A: After obtaining the registration information of incumbent personnel, we work closely with NASA and outgoing incumbent contractor companies to verify how each position in the incumbent workforce under the GESS-3 and ARTS contract, maps (or crosswalks over) to a new GEARS contract. This will help us ensure that qualified incumbent employees are accurately accounted for and correctly assigned within the new GEARS structure. Your registration information will also be used to start the company onboarding process, get your offer letter created, and get you the information you need to complete the transition to the GEARS program.
    Q: What if I am an incumbent and I elect to not register as an incumbent and instead, just wait to be contacted?
    A: By not registering, you may very well miss the chance to be included in the pool of incumbent individuals receiving an offer to join the HX5 team and continue working on the GEARS program. While we will do our best to reach out to all qualified incumbents based on the information at our disposal, our first and foremost priority will be to work closely with registered qualified incumbents to ensure their transition and onboarding process is smooth and timely. By not registering, there is no guarantee that we will be provided your correct information from another source in a timely manner, and as such, you may be overlooked and your position on GEARS may be classified as vacant requiring a new hire to fill.
    Q: I went to the HX5 website and I cannot find my current job title listed in the job listings under the "Join Our Team" page. How do I apply for a position on the new contract?
    A: We are not currently posting specific GEARS positions since at this stage we are focused on onboarding qualified incumbent employees who currently support GESS-3 and ARTS. However, for positions ultimately determined to be "Vacant", those positions will be posted to the website with the specific title and requirements for the position and made available for new hire applicants to apply for under the "Join Our Team" page. In the meantime, however, as an incumbent on either the GESS-3 or ARTS contract, please go to the Incumbent registration link found on this transition site and register your information.
    Q: During the Incumbent Registration process, in addition to my resume, I am asked to upload a current copy of my paystub. Why do I need to submit my most recent paystub along with my resume?
    A: As an integral part of the onboarding and transition process, incumbent salary data is critical for verification of current pay rates of transitioning incumbents performing currently on a particular contract in a specific position/level, and for the process we use to accurately cross-walk qualified incumbents over to their new GEARS labor categories/positions. In short, providing your paystub eliminates several potential speedbumps in the onboarding process and makes the process of issuing competitive offer letters to qualified incumbents quick and efficient. Also, please be aware the amount you will ultimately receive in your offer letter is based on several factors and is not limited by, or determined solely by, your current pay.
    Q: Can I redact information from my Paystub before submitting it?
    A: Yes, certainly. You can redact information from your paystub before submitting it, however, we will need to be able to clearly identify your name, the pay period, and be able to determine the pay you received for the time worked in that pay period. All other information can be masked/removed (i.e. SSN, account numbers, deductions, PTO information, benefit costs, 401K payments, loan payments, etc.).
    Q: By submitting my most recent paystub, does that mean that the amount on my paystub will be the same amount for which my offer letter will be written? In other words, am I limiting the amount I may be offered by submitting my paystub?
    A: No, not at all. The amount you will receive in your offer letter is based on several factors and is not necessarily limited by, or determined solely by, your current pay.
    Q: With HX5 as the Prime Contractor for the GEARS contract, will my offer letter be from HX5 or another company?
    A: While HX5 is the Prime Contractor for GEARS, HX5 has three other world-class companies that make up the main component of the HX5 GEARS Team. While there is a good chance your offer will come from HX5, a subset of the total positions will be assigned to our teammates based on several criteria, and accordingly, some incumbents will receive their offers from one of our three teammate companies, all of whom are very well recognized within NASA as world-class research and engineering services companies.
    Q: I am an incumbent on GESS-3 (or ARTS) and, I already work for a company that is part of the HX5 GEARS Team. Will I be receiving an offer letter to join another HX5 GEARS Team company, or will I be staying with my current employer?
    A: In general, incumbents who currently work for an HX5 GEARS Team company performing work on either the GESS-3 or ARTS Program will remain with their current company and will not have to change companies. There may be exceptions based on several factors but in most cases, one would stay with their current company.
    Q: When should I expect to be contacted after I submit my registration information?
    A: Once you submit your registration information, you should receive a call within two weeks from a member of our Transition Team, confirming we have received your information, and to follow-up with questions we may have, if any. If you do not receive a phone call within two weeks of submitting your information, please contact Alissa Bentley, HX5 GEARS HR POC at (850) 362‑6551, or via email at GEARSHR@hxfive.com.
    Q: When should I expect an offer letter to be issued?
    A: Based on the current transition schedule, we are planning on beginning the issuing of GEARS Offer Letters to qualified incumbents around the third week of January 2020. We understand that the holiday season is a popular time to take time off, and want to issue offer letters after the new year is well under way and most people are back to work.
    Q: Once I get my offer letter, how much time will I be afforded to accept or decline?
    A: When you receive your letter, you will have three (3) days to respond and either accept or decline the offer. However, we understand the decision to accept or decline an offer is one that shouldn't be taken lightly and may require additional time. If you experience a situation which requires additional time, please coordinate immediately with Alissa Bentley, GEARS HR POC, so that we can establish a new response date. Please keep in mind, due to the critical timing of the transition, we cannot guarantee an extension past the three (3) days will be granted in every case.
    Q: What if I have planned vacation during the timeframe that offer letters will be distributed or during the contract transition date?
    A:If you have planned vacation during the last half of January or the month of February, or during the transition date of April 1, 2020, please contact Alissa Bentley, GEARS HR POC, to discuss communication options and other coordination details so we can ensure your offer and associated paperwork is handled in a timely and responsive manner. Arrangements can be made to accommodate these situations and reduce any incumbent concerns.
    Q: What type of benefits will be offered? Can I see the benefits package before making my decision to accept or decline my offer?
    A: HX5 and our GEARS Teammates offer very competitive benefit plans. For those individuals offered employment with HX5, a Benefit Summary document will be included in your offer package. Those individuals that may be offered employment with one of our GEARS Team Members will be able to discuss the specifics of their benefits packages with them during the offer process.
    Q: Will I receive credit for my tenure on the current contract?
    A: HX5 will recognize service tenure date for qualified incumbents and this will be applicable in determining your PTO accrual rate.
    Q: What if I have a contract related business trip scheduled during the week of April 1, 2020?
    A: If you have a scheduled business trip during this time, please contact Alissa Bentley, GEARS HR POC to discuss details for this situation. There will be some additional steps needed to complete prior to the trip.
  • Incumbent Registration Link and Instructions

    If you are an incumbent employee currently performing on either the GESS-3 or ARTS program, and are interested in continuing in your position under the GEARS Program, please use the Incumbent Registration Link below and submit the requested information as soon as possible. This is critical in that it helps ensure that during transition to the GEARS program, your position will not be classified as a vacant position, but rather as one within which you are currently performing and desire to remain under the GEARS Program.

    Please note the following before registering:

    The registration process is very quick and we only need a small amount of information from you. However, before clicking on the link below to register, please ensure you have the following two documents available as you will be asked to upload them in order to complete your incumbent registration:

    1) A current, professional resume that includes but is not limited to, a clear outline of work history and education/degrees and certifications received.

    2) Your most recent paystub. You may redact whatever information you like so long as your name and salary and/or hourly rate is clearly readable. We require this for verification of current incumbent salary for your particular position.

    Finally, please also note that this site is hosted in our secured HX5 corporate cloud on the Loadspring hosting platform, to ensure the security of your submitted information. The Loadspring cloud hosting platform adheres to ISO/IEC 27002:2013 standards, is SOC 2 Type II certified, and allows us to ensure that your data is secured and protected at all times.

  • GEARS Transition Timeline

    GEARS Countdown

    Contract transitions can sometimes be a time of uncertainty and stress for some incumbent personnel, and it's our goal to ensure that such concerns are reduced and/or eliminated all together whenever possible. Accordingly, below you will find a high level road map of the next several months describing the major incumbent employee related events taking place during the GEARS transition. Also, at any time during the transition, if you have any questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via email at GEARSHR@hxfive.com or call (850) 362‑6551 and ask to speak to a GEARS HR Specialist who will be happy to work with you on your question or issue.


    2019Incumbent Registration

    Registration begins this month for GESS-3 and ARTS Incumbents interested in continuing on the GEARS program. We are asking that all interested incumbents register no later than November 22, 2019. Please register as early as possible so we know you are interested in working with us on GEARS!


    2019Registrations Processed

    We will be using the incumbent registration Information from November to cross-walk GESS-3 and ARTS incumbent personnel to positions on the GEARS contract. We will also be getting incumbent offer letters drafted and prepared to be distributed to qualified, registered incumbents in January, 2020.


    2020Offer Letters

    Offer letters to be issued to qualified, registered incumbents beginning on the week of January 20th, 2020. If you registered and do not receive an offer letter by February 10th, please email GEARSHR@hxfive.com or call (850) 362‑6551 and ask to speak to a GEARS HR Specialist.



    In the month of February, we expect to have completed the offer letter process (distribution/acceptance) to qualified incumbents. We will be scheduling on boarding orientations for the last part of February and in March for employees who will be transitioning to a new company under the GEARS contract.


    2020Onboarding (cont.)

    March will be used as a "buffer" month for the scheduling of any additional follow-up meetings that may be needed with groups or individuals, and to also continue with company briefings/ training, and orientations for employees transitioning to a new company on April 1, 2020 under the GEARS program.


    2020GEARS Work Begins

    April 1st, 2020 is when the GEARS contract work begins! We look forward to working with everyone on this tremendously exciting program, supporting our NASA Customers and their world-changing programs!

  • GEARS Transition Email Updates
    GEARS Transition Email Update #2: Incumbent Registration Reminder - November 22nd (sent 11/18/2019)


    It has been an exciting two weeks since the last GEARS Transition email update. We''ve had a tremendous response in incumbent registrations processed since we opened the registration site several days ago. We truly appreciate everyone who responded so quickly and took the time to submit their registration packages. We hope the process has been an easy and streamlined one! Also, thanks so much for the kind offers to support and assist with the transition that have come in with the registrations – we greatly appreciate it!

    Reminder about Position Assignments:

    Per the timeline posted on the HX5 NASA GEARS Transition Site Incumbent Information page, this is a reminder that we are requesting that all incumbents submit their registration information by November 22nd, 2019. While the majority have done so already, if you have not yet submitted your information, we would like to ask that you please do so by that date. As the process of cross walking position assignments and personnel from the GESS3 and ARTS contracts gets underway, we can only assign positions to individuals we have registration submissions for. So, if you are an incumbent on either of the current contracts and have not yet registered, please be sure to go to the Incumbent Registration page and complete your registration as soon as you can!

    Unassigned/Vacant/Open Position Questions:

    The question has been asked recently about how we will handle positions that are ultimately determined to be vacant, either because they are brand new positions or are current positions that end up classified as unassigned. When the determination is made to declare a position vacant, such positions will be posted to the HX5 website under the Join Our Team. At that point, the position will be opened to the general public for anyone to apply for.

    Regarding Email:

    We received feedback recently regarding the possibility that some automated emails were getting blocked by the NASA mail system; in looking into the matter further, we implemented some changes which we believe have resolved this situation, however, we will always ensure that important updates are communicated both via email and the HX5 NASA GEARS Transition Site Incumbent Information page.

    We will continue to update you on important upcoming dates/events/etc. as we enter into the Holiday Season, and as always, any questions you may have please let us know by emailing GEARSHR@hxfive.com or call (850) 362-6551 and ask to speak with a GEARS Transition Human Resources representative.

    Thanks for your time!

    The HX5 HR Team

    GEARS Transition Email Update #1: HX5 NASA GEARS Transition Site now available (sent 11/1/2019)


    The HX5 NASA GEARS Transition Site is now active and accepting incumbent employee registrations: HX5 NASA GEARS Transition Site

    The Transition Site provides the latest information about the NASA GEARS transition process, and will continue to do so throughout this transition. Please note that this site is hosted in our secured HX5 corporate cloud on the Loadspring hosting platform, to ensure the security of your submitted information. The Loadspring cloud hosting platform adheres to ISO/IEC 27002:2013 standards, is SOC 2 Type II certified, and allows us to ensure that your data is secured and protected at all times. A link to the transition site is also available from the GEARS page of the HX5 corporate website: https://www.hxfive.com/gears

    If you currently work on either the GESS-3 Contract or the ARTS Contract, and are interested in continuing in your position and joining the HX5 Team on the GEARS Program, go to the Incumbent Registration page.

    Due to the timely nature within which transitions must take place and in order to ensure that as an incumbent you are identified as interested in staying on the program, it is important that you submit your information to us as soon as you can. If for any reason you are unable to submit your information, or if you have any questions, please email GEARSHR@hxfive.com or call (850) 362-6551 and ask to speak with a GEARS Transition Human Resources regarding the GEARS Transition and someone will be happy to assist you.

    We look forward to working with you in the very near future!

    The HX5 HR Team

  • Contact Us for Assistance

    We fully understand that contract change-over can be a very stressful time for incumbent employees. We also know that keeping incumbent employees informed of activities is the best way to reduce anxiety and concerns and successfully support our NASA GRC Customer.

    We are committed to making the transition process from GESS-3 and ARTS into GEARS as quick and hassle-free as possible. All members of the HX5 Team have been involved in numerous successful contract transitions and phase-ins of similar size and scope. We have all dealt with the myriad of issues that can come up in every contract transition, and we understand you may have questions that come up during this process.

    If you have any questions, concerns, or need assistance with anything at all regarding the transition process, we are here to help. Please feel free to contact the HX5 GEARS Transition Assistance Human Resources POC below with any questions you may have, or you can also submit your request through the Support Form Submission link below:

    HX5 GEARS Transition Assistance HR POC:

    Alissa Bentley
    HR Specialist III
    Phone: (850) 362‑6551
    Email: GEARSHR@hxfive.com

    Support Form Submission:

    You can also click the button below and submit your questions or request for assistance using our online form submission. This will send your request for assistance to the HX5 GEARS Transition Team and someone will follow-up with you accordingly.