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EB Eglin Current Employee Registration and Information
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  • Welcome Message from HX5

    Hello EB Eglin incumbents and future HX5 EB Eglin Team members,

    Welcome to the HX5 EB Eglin transition site. The HX5 Team is both excited and honored to have been selected by AFLCMC to perform the EB Eglin Contract, supporting the Armament Directorate (AFLCMC/EB) and Nuclear Weapons Center Acquisition Division (AFNWC/NDB). We look forward to providing world-class engineering and research services to our EB and NDB customers and to be part of the Government contractor team advancing one of our nation’s most forward-looking defense missions. Together we will achieve important goals that benefit our nation and the world!

  • EB Eglin Contract Overview
    The purpose of the EB Eglin Contract is to provide acquisition, logistics, administrative, and engineering Research, Development, Test & Evaluation (RDT&E) advisory & assistance support (A&AS) to the Air Force Materiel Command (AFMS) Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC) Armament Directorate (EB) and Nuclear Weapons Center Acquisition Division (AFNWC/NDB). We are tasked with supporting 42 mission areas of work, including aerodynamic and structural design; electromagnetic effects; software embedded systems firmware; warheads, explosives, and ammunition; directed energy; system of systems interoperability and integration; nuclear; modeling and simulation; and manufacturing. Contract start is 1 December 2020. The performance period is through 30 April 2025. The HX5 EB Eglin Team includes a small, select group of world-class companies, each ready to bring their own breadth and depth of proven performance and experience to the contract.
  • Incumbent Registration Link and Instructions

    If you are an incumbent employee performing work on the current EB Eglin contact and are interested in continuing in your current position, please use the Incumbent Registration link below to register with us as soon as possible. The information you provide will ensure that your position will not be classified as vacant. This short, but very important form is the first step you will need to accomplish in order to successfully complete the applicant onboarding process. Your onboarding company—whether HX5 or one of our teammate subcontractors—will have additional paperwork for you to complete as part of each company’s standard offer and onboarding/hiring process and will coordinate with you accordingly during the appropriate part of the transition process (typically when offer letters are issued).

    Please note the following before registering:

    The registration process is very quick and we only need a small amount of information from you. However, before clicking on the link below to register, please ensure you have the following two documents available as you will be asked to upload them in order to complete your incumbent registration:

    1) A current resume that includes, but is not limited to, a clear outline of your work history and the education/degrees and certifications you received. Please do not limit the timeframe of your experience listed in your resume (for example, limiting resume -only- to jobs or experience for the past five years). We are required to compare your years of total relevant experience to contract requirements.

    2) Your most recent paystub. You may redact whatever information you like EXCEPT your name, salary and/or hourly rate, and the dates of the pay period. For questions regarding your paystub, please see the FAQ list.

    Finally, please also note that this site is hosted in our secured HX5 corporate cloud on the Loadspring hosting platform, to ensure the security of your submitted information. The Loadspring cloud hosting platform adheres to ISO/IEC 27002:2013 standards, is SOC 2 Type II certified, and allows us to ensure that your data is secured and protected at all times.

  • EB Eglin Transition FAQ
    Q: What is the EB Eglin Contract?
    A: The purpose of the EB Eglin Contract is to provide acquisition, logistics, administrative, and engineering Research, Development, Test & Evaluation (RDT&E) advisory & assistance support (A&AS) to the Air Force Materiel Command (AFMS) Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC) Armament Directorate (EB) and Nuclear Weapons Center Acquisition Division (AFNWC/NDB).

    Q: How long is the EB Eglin Contract?

    A: The EB Eglin Contract period of performance with all option years exercised runs from 1 December 2020 to 30 April 2025.
    Q: Where will the EB Eglin work be performed?
    A: While the vast majority of work will be performed at Eglin AFB, FL, other locations also supported include; Hill AFB, UT; Robins AFB, GA; Langley AFB, VA; Tyndall AFB, FL; Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ; and Tinker AFB, OK; as well as a commerce center in Jacksonville, FL.
    Q: What is the expected date for employees who will be part of the HX5 Team to start supporting the EB Eglin program as an HX5 (or its Team Members’) employee?
    A: The EB Eglin performance start date for employees is 1 December 2020.
    Q: I am an incumbent contractor employee. Do I need to do anything now?
    A: Yes. You must register as an incumbent through our Incumbent Registration link located on the transition website. During this process, you will be asked to submit a current resume, most recent paystub, and provide some preliminary information. It is important for us to receive your registration as soon as possible because it will 1) indicate that you are interested in continuing to work on the program when it transitions to the new contract; 2) ensure consideration in the staffing requirements on the EB Eglin Contract; and 3) designate during transition that the position you occupy should NOT be classified as vacant.
    Q: What do you use my registration information for?
    A: After obtaining your registration information, we will work closely with AFLCMC and the outgoing incumbent contractors to verify how each current position maps (or crosswalks) to the new EB Eglin Contract. This will help ensure that qualified incumbent employees are accounted for and correctly assigned to the new EB Eglin structure. Your registration will also be used to start HX5’s (and teammates’) onboarding process, create your offer letter, and provide the additional information you will need to complete transition.
    Q: What if I am an incumbent and I elect to not register as an incumbent and, instead, wait to be contacted?
    A: By not registering, you may miss the opportunity to be included in the pool of incumbent individuals receiving an offer to join the HX5 Team. While we will do our best to reach all qualified incumbents based on the information at our disposal, our priority will be to work closely with registered qualified incumbents to ensure their transition and onboarding processes are smooth and timely. Also, by NOT registering, there is no guarantee that we will be provided your correct employment information from another source in a timely manner. This increases the risks that you will be overlooked and your position on EB Eglin classified as vacant, which would require a new hire to fill.
    Q: I went to the HX5 website and I cannot find my current job title listed in the job listings under the "Join Our Team" page. How do I apply for a position on the new contract?
    A: We are not currently posting specific EB Eglin contract positions since at this stage we are focused on onboarding qualified incumbent employees who currently support EB Eglin work. Positions determined to be “Vacant” will be posted to the website with specific job titles and requirements and offered to qualified new-hire applicants under the Join Our Team page. If you are a current EB Eglin incumbent, please follow the Incumbent Registration Process found on this Transition Website.
    Q: During the Incumbent Registration process, in addition to my resume, I am asked to upload a current copy of my paystub. Why do I need to submit my most recent paystub along with my resume?
    A: Your most current paystub is important for multiple reasons: 1) to verify current incumbent pay rates for specific positions at specific levels; 2) to correctly crosswalk incumbents to their new EB Eglin labor categories/positions; and 3) to ensure that actual labor costs, proposed labor costs, and funded labor costs of the EB Eglin Contract are aligned with baselined Government budgets. Additionally, this information is used as supporting documentation provided to the Government, when needed, as proof of what employees earned under the outgoing contract. In short, providing your paystub eliminates several potential obstacles to the onboarding process and makes the process of issuing competitive offer letters quicker and more efficient. Also, please be aware that the salary/hourly pay you are offered in your offer letter is based on several factors and is not necessarily limited by, or determined solely by, your current pay.
    Q: Can I redact information from my Paystub before submitting it?
    A: Yes. You may redact information from your paystub before submitting it. However, we must be able to read your name and the pay period and be able to determine the pay you received for the time worked during that pay period. All other information can be masked (e.g., SSN, account numbers, deductions, PTO information, benefit costs, 401(k) payments, loan payments).
    Q: Will the salary/hourly rate listed in my paystub be the same as the pay proposed in my offer letter? Am I limiting the amount I may be offered by submitting my paystub?
    A: No. The amount you will receive in your offer letter is based on several factors and is not necessarily limited by, or determined solely by, your current pay.
    Q: With HX5 as the Prime Contractor for the EB Eglin contract, will my offer letter be from HX5 or another company?
    A: While HX5 is the Prime contractor, we have two other industry-leading companies that constitute the principal component of the HX5 EB Eglin Team. Though there is a good chance your offer will come from HX5, subsets of the total positions are assigned to our teammates based on several criteria. Accordingly, some incumbents will receive their offers from one of our teammate companies, both of which are recognized by USAF as world-class research and engineering services providers.
    Q: When should I expect to be contacted after I submit my registration information?
    A: Once you submit your registration information, you should receive an email from our HR Team confirming that we have received your registration information. Additionally, if we have any questions or need further clarification regarding anything you have submitted, we will soon follow up with an email or phone call as appropriate. If you do not receive an email confirming receipt of your registration information within a day of submitting it, please contact Rainsley Holzschuh, HX5 EB Eglin Transition Assistance HR POC at (850) 362‑6551, or via email at HR@hxfive.com to confirm your information was received.
    Q: When should I expect an offer letter to be issued?
    A: Based on the current transition schedule, on or around the mid-September 2020 timeframe we plan to begin issuing offer letters to qualified incumbents who have submitted timely incumbent registration packages. Please see the Transition Timeline on this site for more information.
    Q: Once I get my offer letter, how much time will I have to accept or decline?
    A: Typically, you will have 48 hours to respond to an offer letter. However, we understand the decision to accept or decline an offer is one that should not be taken lightly and may require a short extension to allow discussions with spouses, partners, or significant others. If you need more time to make your decision, please coordinate immediately with the POC who made you the offer. We can make accommodations on a case-by-case basis to establish a new suspense, but, due to the critical nature of the transition timing, we cannot guarantee an extension past the 48 hours allotted.
    Q: Can I see the HX5 benefits package before making my decision to accept or decline my offer?
    A: Yes, those offered employment with HX5 will be welcome to review the benefits we provide our employees as part of the offer letter process. HX5 and our EB Eglin teammates offer competitive benefit plans for the individual/family requirements you may have and individuals offered employment with one of our EB Eglin Team members will be able to view and discuss their respective benefits packages as part of the individual’s respective offer letter issuance process as well.
  • EB Eglin Transition Timeline

    EB Eglin Countdown

    Contract transitions can sometimes be a time of uncertainty and stress for some incumbent personnel, and it's our goal to ensure that such things are reduced and/or eliminated all together whenever possible. Accordingly, below you will find a high level road map of the next several months describing the major incumbent employee related transition events taking place. Also, at any time during the transition, if you have any questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via email at HR@hxfive.com or call (850) 362‑6551 and ask to speak to an EB Eglin Transition HR Specialist who will be happy to work with you on your question or issue.


    2020Incumbent Registration

    Registration begins this month for EB Eglin Incumbents interested in continuing on the new EB Eglin Program. We ask that all interested incumbents register via this site no later than August 12th, 2020. Please register as early as possible so we know you are interested in continuing to work with us to support this exciting mission! If we dont have your information, we cant get an offer letter out so the earlier your registration package is received, the earlier the offer letter process can begin!


    2020Registrations Processed

    We will be using the incumbent registration Information recieved to cross-walk incumbent personnel to positions on the new EB Eglin contract, and, we will also be getting incumbent offer letters drafted and prepared for distribution to qualified, registered incumbents.


    2020Offer Letters

    Offer letter distribution was targeted for the middle of this month, and while some letters may go out in September, we expect the bulk of the letters to start going out around the 1st week of October. This is a slight change to our initial targeted timeline, but we believe this additional time helps reduce/eliminate the need to issue any required correcting offers. Also, offer letters will go out in phased batches, so please don’t be alarmed if some people receive offers before others. If there is an issue with your particular position, we will reach out to you directly to keep you informed.


    2020Acceptance & Onboarding

    In the month of October, we expect to have completed the vast majority of the offer letter process (distribution/acceptance) to registered qualified incumbents. Accordingly, we will be completing the final on-boarding processes (completion of remaining employment forms, completion of benefit paperwork, etc.) during the month of October for employees who will be transitioning to the new EB Eglin contract in December.


    2020Onboarding (cont.)

    November is a "buffer" month for the scheduling of any additional follow-up meetings as needed, and to issue any remaining offer letters to incumbent personnel who (for example) may have joined the program after the initial July Incumbent Registration period. We will also be using this period to ensure that all remaining offer/assignment issues have been addressed and completed, and everything is in place for a December 1st start date.


    2020EB Eglin Contract Begins

    December 1st, 2020 is when the new EB Eglin contract work begins! We look forward to working with everyone on this tremendously exciting program in support of our Air Force customers and their mission critical programs!

  • Contact Us for Assistance

    We fully understand that contract change-over can be a very stressful time for incumbent employees. We also know that keeping incumbent employees informed of activities is the best way to reduce anxiety and concerns and successfully support our USAF Customer.

    We are committed to making the transition process from the incumbent contract into Eglin EB as quick and hassle-free as possible. All members of the HX5 Team have been involved in numerous successful contract transitions and phase-ins of similar size and scope. We have all dealt with the myriad of issues that can come up in every contract transition, and we understand you may have questions that come up during this process.

    If you have any questions, concerns, or need assistance with anything at all regarding the transition process, we are here to help. Please feel free to contact the HX5 EB Eglin Transition Assistance Human Resources POC below with any questions you may have, or you can also submit your request through the Support Form Submission link below:

    HX5 EB Eglin Transition Assistance HR POC:

    Rainsley Holzschuh
    HR Specialist
    Phone: (850) 362‑6551
    Email: HR@hxfive.com

    Support Form Submission:

    You can also click the button below and submit your questions or request for assistance using our online form submission. This will send your request for assistance to the HX5 EB Eglin Transition Team and someone will follow-up with you accordingly.